Who are we?

Our school provide students driving lessons no matter what level they are and assist them throughout the process of getting their drivers license. We teach them driving techniques and explain driving theory as well as offering advice depending on the student’s progress to ensure our students are safe on the road and understand the importance of road safety. Our services include lessons to learner drivers and probationary (Red and Green P) drivers, booking for driving tests and accompanying students to their test (using the school’s car).

Our instructors are completely focused on the road and your driving skills keeping in check if anything goes wrong slightly. They are always observing and monitoring not only your driving skills and driving decisions but also the roads without losing their calm or patience. Moreover, since they have experience with training a number of students their responses are focused on the road as well as pointers to help you improve in certain areas that you lack so as to make you clear the driving test. Our driving instructors create the exact same conditions as your driving test to give you a complete idea about the test and examine your progress and driving in a similar fashion to the Vic Roads examiners.


Learn Driving with Go2Drive Driving School

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Duraid was very friendly from the first lesson, I started driving with him with little confidence now I have my license and drive on my own!


I have had a great experience learning with Duraid, his patience is amazing and he always has a smile on his face.


Learning with Duraid has been very fun, there is always something to learn from him!


Duraid is a very efficient driver and teacher.


He helped me pass my driving test on the first try!